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Work with us

Tecnico RBT

Siamo alla ricerca di tecnici RBT che si occupino dell’attuazione delle procedure ABA e acquisizione delle competenze e modificazione del comportamento progettate dal supervisor di riferimento dell’equipe.


  • Diploma di laurea con iscrizione all'albo
  • Attestato RBT
  • Capacità di lavoro in equipe

Speech therapist

We are looking for speech therapists who deal with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of voice, communication, language, cognitive and developmental learning disorders.


  • Degree
  • Knowledge for administering tests for rehabilitation project development
  • Capacità di lavoro in equipe

Employment contract: full-time

Occupational therapist

We are looking for occupational therapists whose intervention is aimed at developing, recovering and maintaining skills in the daily and working life of people with mental or cognitive disorders of developmental and adult age.


  • Degree
  • registration in the register
  • Ability to develop individual projects
  • Administration of rating scale
  • Team work
  • Orientation