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What is autism?

It is a behavioral syndrome caused by a biologically determined developmental disorder with onset in the first three years of life. The areas mainly involved are those relating to communication, social interaction, functional and symbolic play and behaviour. When we talk about disorder of the autism spectrum we are referring to very different clinical pictures, therefore an accurate diagnostic-functional evaluation is always necessary in order to start personalized rehabilitation projects.

How to intervene?

Theearly intervention and a specific treatment can really make a difference in addressing the difficulties that emerge in life contexts. The treatment that is most effective is the ABA treatment (Applied Behaviour Analisys).

What is ABA and what is it based on?

TheABA is the discipline in which the principles of behavior analysis are applied to promote socially significant behavior. Its characteristic is its being evidence-based, based on scientific evidence.

The care of the person with autism is global and intervenes in all educational areas of the child (centre, home, school). Part of the intervention program is the parent training with the aim of helping parents understand and respond correctly to the signals sent by their child.

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