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Pediatric cardiology

A child’s heart is not the smallest heart of an adult.
The heart disease can also occur in pediatric age and require pediatric cardiologists to be cured at the best.

The cardiology department of San Luca & Riabilitazione is complete with team of cardiologists specialized in diagnosis, in the monitoring and treatment of cardiac pathologies in children who collaborate in a synergistic and integrated way with pediatric department

We perform cardiological examinations with

  • Electrocardiogram at the first month of life for the evaluation of the QT tract as a screening
  • Echocardiogram for follow-up in the first year of life of states of transition of defects interatrial/oval foramen pervi and patency of the arterial duct
  • Pediatrician support for evaluation of murmurs, palpitations, chest pain and syncope
  • Sports doctor support for arrhythmias, electrocardiographic abnormalities or murmurs.

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